Strengths of IDP

1 Fast and Complete Quoting

IDP has both design and production capabilities. With only the customer’s idea, they can do the analysis and drafts to offer a quote for design, prototypes, tools, and production. The time spent on communication between a design company and a manufacturer can be eliminated. Certainly, the quote offered through IDP's integrated services is more accurate.

IDP Process of Quotation: Idea or Specifications from Customer→ Analysis for Design→ Drafts→ Quoting→ Customer Confirmation→ Prototyping.

2 Innovative design with production efficiency

IDP, a design-oriented company, always develops the designs to meet requirements of both function and cost. They consider practicality and efficiency of production to avoid the common problem of a creative design that cannot be mass-produced efficiently.

3 Quality control for each process

Process of production: Prototyping and Function Testing→ Tooling→ Injection molding→ Assembling. All the processes are carried out by IDP themselves, which eliminates the time on subcontracting and has each process closely controlled. IDP strictly selects their material and part suppliers and has cooperated with most of them for many years. Therefore, they can effectively supervise the details of materials and parts to ensure the final quality of the products.

The gear motors and pumps IDP develops can be applied in the fields of medicine, automobile, educational products, robots, AI automated systems, and so on. The upcoming Industry 4.0 is an era of intelligent automation where transmission design plays a pivotal role. IDP has designed various new transmission mechanisms, like the arm joint gearbox, self-propelled wheel, power roller, etc., which can be used in everyday technology. Whenever you want to develop a transmission product or improve the efficiency of a current system, IDP, no doubt, is your best partner.

What can IDP do for you? Design your idea creatively; Produce your design efficiently

How can we help you?

  • Idea to Production
  • Gear Parameter/ Strength Design
  • Material Selection
  • Prototyping
  • Mechanism Optimization
  • Function Verification