IDP: Providing End-to-End Design and Manufacturing Services

Project Management

"IDP: Providing End-to-End Design and Manufacturing Services"

With years of design and production experience, IDP offers customers a comprehensive one-stop service from concept to production. Customers can simply provide their ideas or specifications, and IDP team can conduct services from initial analysis, conceptual sketching, design, prototyping, tooling, to production quoting, saving time on communication with separate design companies and factories while providing more accurate quotations.

IDP's quotation process encompasses customer concepts or specifications, feasibility design evaluation, sketches, cost estimation, performance guarantee contracts, product traceability, and comprehensive after-sales service. With over 30 years of design and production expertise, the IDP team focuses on providing transmission mechanism solutions to meet the needs of customers in various fields, including industrial automation, semiconductor equipment, and even more.

IDP utilizes an EIP project management system, which allows the establishment of projects based on customer requirements and enables quality control and schedule management. It records detailed information on main and sub-tasks, provides regular progress updates, offers online review and approval mechanisms, thereby enhancing communication accuracy and efficiency. Moreover, the system facilitates cross-department coordination and the establishment of an enterprise knowledge base, promoting knowledge sharing and the collective growth of team members.

The artificial intelligence platform Platograph, developed by Dr. Jenher Jeng in collaboration with Taipei Tech University. IDP has established our own enterprise brain. This partnership involves fundamental research and technological applications, fostering the integration of student learning with industry demands, allowing for early exposure to workplace experiences, and enabling IDP to cultivate professional talents in advance.

Design case video include:

Surgical Bed Case
Multi-Axis Mixing System
Liquid Transfer System
Lifting Module and Caster Wheels
Automated Reciprocating Device