IDP's Advanced Measurement Equipment and Quality Management

Quality Assurance

"IDP's Advanced Measurement Equipment and Quality Management"

IDP possesses the KEYENCE IM-8000 automated measurement device, an advanced measurement system which is used to measure and inspect the dimensions, shapes, and characteristics of various products. This equipment features highly automated functionality, enabling fast, accurate, and reliable measurement operations, thereby enhancing production efficiency and quality control.

In addition to automated measurement equipment, IDP also offers a product traceability mechanism. This is an essential quality management measure for tracking and ensuring the origin and quality of products. It allows for the traceability of product manufacturing processes, raw material suppliers, production batches, and other information, ensuring product quality and compliance.

IDP holds ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications. ISO 9001 is a certification for a general enterprise quality management system, ensuring that the company has an effective quality management system in place to provide products and services that meet customer requirements. As for ISO 13485, on the other hand, this is a certification for the quality management system in the medical device industry. It requires companies to comply with relevant regulations and standards during the design, development, production, and provision of medical device products, ensuring product safety and quality.

Through the utilization of advanced measurement equipment, product traceability mechanisms, and ISO certifications, IDP demonstrates our commitment to quality control and quality management, providing customers with reliable and high-quality products and services.