Tailored Reduction Gear Box Design for Effective Material Handling

Conveyor Belt Module

Conveyor Belt Module
Conveyor Belt Module
1.Belt width: 70mm
2.Max conveyance speed: 7~65 mm/sec, 20-~130 mm/sec
3.Load capacity: 4kg
4.Dimensions: Per client requirements

Product applications:
Production line conveyance, transport and sorting systems, printing and packaging
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Product Introduction:

Introducing the CPGP Series Conveyor Belt Modules:
Discover the CPGP series conveyor belt modules by IDP, meticulously crafted for streamlined material handling. These integrated modules, tailored to client dimensions, house an enclosed motor, gearbox, and control board. Ideal for compact spaces and frequent relocation, these reliable modules efficiently transport items, elevating production efficiency and curbing labor costs.

Product Features:

  1. Tailored Versatility: Customize module dimensions to fit various applications perfectly, ensuring an optimal match for every scenario.
  2. Seamless Integration: Embracing an integrated design, the enclosed motor, gearbox, and control board enhance safety by minimizing exposed parts.
  3. Compact Agility: Designed for confined spaces, such as narrow aisles or cramped work areas, it offers efficient material handling solutions.
  4. Efficiency Amplified: These conveyor modules ensure dependable and efficient transportation, boosting overall productivity and trimming material handling duration.
  5. Mobile Adaptability: Perfect for applications requiring frequent repositioning, these modules excel in material transfers across different work zones.


  1. Versatile Belt Width: With a belt width of 70mm, it accommodates various item sizes.
  2. Variable Conveyance Speed: Choose from a range of conveyance speeds (7-65mm/sec,20-130 mm/sec) for optimal performance.
  3. Reliable Load Capacity: Capable of transporting up to 4kg, it handles a variety of materials.
  4. Client-Centric Dimensions: Tailor the dimensions to your needs, ensuring a seamless fit into your operations.

Product Applications:

  1. Streamlined Production: Enhance production lines with efficient conveyance using the CPGP series modules, optimizing your manufacturing process.
  2. Versatile Transport and Sorting: These modules are ideal for versatile transport and sorting systems, making material movement swift and organized.
  3. Printing and Packaging Perfection: Elevate your printing and packaging operations with the CPGP series, ensuring seamless material flow for impeccable results.
CPGP series conveyor belt module video

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