High-Performance RPM Reduction Gearbox Solutions for Demanding Applications

PGP3-52 Planetary Reducer

PGP3-52 Planetary Reducer
PGP3-52 Planetary Reducer
1.Gear ratio: 50/68/85/91/106/114/144/182
2.Torque: 6.5Nm
3.Efficiency: 80%
4.Motor shaft length: Per customer request
5.Operating temperature: -10°C ~ +70°C
6.Mounting orientation: Any orientation

Product Applications:
Wheel hub drives, caulking machines, electric hoists
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Product Introduction:

Introducing the PGP3-52 Silent Planetary Gearbox:
Unleash the power of the PGP3-52 silent planetary gearbox by IDP – the ultimate solution for high-torque, high-speed demands. Its exceptional quiet operation makes it perfect for noise-sensitive workplaces. With robust construction and top-notch ball bearings, it guarantees smooth and stable performance. From industrial automation to production lines, the PGP3-52 ensures reliable power support across various sectors.

Product Features:

  1. Powerfully Efficient: Tailored for demanding high-torque, high-speed applications, providing potent power output.
  2. Whisper-Quiet Performance: Excel in noise-sensitive environments with outstanding quiet operation.
  3. Built to Last: Robust construction and quality ball bearings ensure longevity and impeccable operation.
  4. Energy-Saving Efficiency: Highly efficient power transmission leads to energy-saving system operation.
  5. Industrial Powerhouse: Ideal for industrial automation and production lines, offering unwavering power support.

Product Specifications:

  1. Versatile Gear Ratios: Choose from a range of gear ratios (50/68/85/91/106/114/144/182) for optimal performance.
  2. Impressive Torque: With a torque of 6.5Nm, the gearbox delivers reliable power under demanding conditions.
  3. High Efficiency: Operating at 80% efficiency, it maximizes power utilization.
  4. Customizable Shaft Length: Motor shaft length tailored to customer requirements.
  5. Adapt to Conditions: Operational from -10°C to +70°C, suitable for varying environments.
  6. Flexible Mounting: Versatile mounting orientation works seamlessly in any position.

Product Applications:

  1. Precision Hub Drives: Enhance wheel hub drives with the precision and power of PGP3-52 gearbox, delivering reliable performance for various applications.
  2. Seamlessly Efficient Caulking: The gearbox excels in caulking machines, providing the power and stability needed for efficient operation.
  3. Elevate Electric Hoists: Elevate your electric hoists with PGP3-52, ensuring smooth and reliable lifting operations in various settings.

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