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PGS1-22 Planetary Reducer

PGS1-22 Planetary Reducer
PGS1-22 Planetary Reducer
1. Gear ratio: 4/5/7
2. Torque: 0.1Nm
3. Efficiency: 90%
4. Motor shaft length: Per customer request
5. Operating temperature: -10°C ~ +70°C
6. Mounting orientation: Any orientation

Product Applications:
Aerospace reading lights, medical injectors, power screwdrivers
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Product Introduction:

Discover the PGS1-22 Reduction Gear: IDP presents the PGS1-22 reduction gear, an exceptional high-efficiency gearbox solution tailored for small mechanisms. Its compact single-stage planetary gear structure enables customizable gear ratios and layouts to match diverse requirements. This compact marvel guarantees optimal performance, making it the preferred choice for confined spaces. Featuring ball bearing configurations for seamless operation and utilizing premium synthetic oils, these reduction gears are a reliable, low-maintenance solution widely acclaimed in industrial and mechanical fields.

Product Features:

  1. Compact Powerhouse: Perfectly suited for small mechanisms with limited space, offering unmatched performance in tight scenarios.
  2. Tailored Precision: Craft customizable gear ratios and motor layouts to fit unique needs, ensuring every requirement is met.
  3. Smooth Efficiency: Benefit from the smooth and efficient operation delivered by the ball bearing output configuration.
  4. Maintenance Made Easy: The use of premium synthetic oils reduces the need for frequent oil changes, thus minimizing maintenance costs.


  1. Versatile Ratios: Choose from gear ratios of 4/5/7 for optimal power distribution.
  2. Precise Torque: The gearbox provides a torque of 0.1Nm, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability.
  3. High Efficiency: Operating at an impressive 90% efficiency, it maximizes power utilization.
  4. Custom Shaft Length: The motor shaft length is tailored to meet individual customer specifications.
  5. Wide Temperature Range: Operational in temperatures ranging from -10°C to +70°C, it adapts to various environments.
  6. Flexible Mounting: Its adaptable mounting orientation ensures seamless integration in any position.

Product Applications:

  1. Illuminating Aerospace: Elevate aerospace reading lights with the precision and efficiency of the PGS1-22 reduction gear, enhancing in-flight experiences.
  2. Medical Precision: In medical injectors, this gearbox ensures smooth and accurate functionality, maintaining precision in crucial procedures.
  3. Driving Efficiency: Power screwdrivers benefit from the compact yet potent PGS1-22, optimizing torque delivery for efficient and reliable screwing operations.

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